Summer Is A Great Time To Detox & Cleanse

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Gentle progressive sauna with steam (Banya), essential oils and massage is a great way to rejuvenate, detox and restore while you enjoy increased endurance and greatly improved heat tolerance for those summer days!

While it seems counter-intuitive, taking Banya sessions in the warm season and the heat of summer is one of the best times to enjoy all the benefits of this ancient healing remedy.

In the spring and summer the warm and hot weather provides an abundance of fresh produce and greens. With all the fresh produce available and the heat of season people naturally perspire more. In addition, according to East Asian Medicine, the best time of year to cleanse and detox is spring and summer. The energetics of the body and the body systems are more open in the warm and hot weather. The meridians and systems are more open to the surface as opposed to being deeper and more closed in the cold of winter.  This means that it is easier for the body to cleanse and detox in the warmer seasons. In spring the greens and flowers appear and many of these are great cleansers (dandelion, wild lettuce, shepards purse, tender young leaves of Red Raspberry and Mints, hawthorn flowers etc.)  In summer the numerous greens and fresh vegetables and fruits are abundant and fresh and have excellent restorative and detox properties. The meridians and channels are open and flowing, the body is taking in more sun light and enhancing vitamin D production, the body is in a major restorative, nourishing and cleansing mode.

Enhancing this natural seasonal cycle for cleansing and rejuvenation with Banya therapy is a health secret and wisdom of the ages that is designed to improve and enhance metabolism, cleansing, detox, rejuvenation and in many cases dramatically improve heat tolerance.

People who enjoy Banya therapy in the summer have a special glow and more energy. And they are much more adapted to the hot weather, being able to tolerate the heat much easier as they have trained their body systems to adapt to hotter weather by using the progressive sauna and steam therapy.

Most people think of a sauna and hot tub as a deep cold of winter treatment. And it is great for that too.

What most people don’t know is the benefits of Banya therapy are dramatically increased during the summer season, especially when it comes to cleansing, rejuvenation, detox and dramatically enhanced heat tolerance.

The metabolic demands of a Banya session are used to gradually train the body so it adapts to increased heat. This improves the surface circulation and opens the skin to increase its natural ability to detox and also enhances the ability of the skin, pores and circulation to cool the body. In addition the body metabolism adapts and becomes more efficient at dealing with the heat through improved tolerance and cooling mechanisms the body employs to maintain homeostatis.

Summer is also a great time to open and relax the muscles. Being a state with so many outdoor recreational activities, we become more active during warmer months so our muscles need extra warming, stretching, and relaxing. Many of us are also spending time on the spring cleaning of our homes and taking care of our yards and gardens. Most of us are aware that it is easier to stretch and relax the muscles when we are enjoying a sunny day. The Banya accelerates this effect and following that with a massage is an excellent healthy restorative for muscles and relaxation. In addition, the moisture and honey in the banya will restore our skin after getting some extra sun.  Summer is a great time to improve flexibility and muscle health and recovery. Banya and Summer are made for each other and made for you.

So what are you waiting for? Come to Izba Spa today to enjoy a series of summer Banya sessions so you can enjoy the maximum benefit of the season.  You may even ask that your cold splash at the end be made extra cold or add a detoxifying body mask the end of your treatment as it  will also cool you down.  We guarantee the 90 degrees outside will seem rather pleasant after your 160 degree banya sessions!  Banya and massage combined with plenty of good fresh produce is a great way to take advantage of health and healing this summer.